and the Kween Lumberjack is...

Leon Ezeonwu!!!

Leon plays rugby with the Seattle Quake and he knew how to handle wood, slayed the stage, and rocked his lumberjack couture.

Special thanks to all the contestants, performers, judges, volunteers, and the Paris Theater for hosting the 2017 Kween Lumberjack Pageant! Check out photos from the event below.


Izza Brooks, Smokey Brown the Burlesque Clown, Leon, Papa Kena, Amara Lynn Valentine, Chris Neve, and Chris Murillo


Vivica Valentine, Imperial Sovereign Rose Court Empress LVII

Kristelle Bell-Rose, 2012 Ms Oregon State Leather, Ms Gay Oregon XIV

Tammy McCray, Slutgarden


Tru, Honey Bea Hart, & Kung Pow


Anne Elle Fischer & Molly